About Us.

Our Focus as a brand is to help people see how beautiful they are.

This brand was born out of my desire to get over the different hair and skin challenges I was faced with at the time. Please watch the Video below as I share our story and what Inspires us as a Brand.

Our Story
I believe everyone was created beautiful and your skin or hair concerns don't define you. At Tabitha's Beauty, We help you create a suitable routine to cater for your beauty needs.
Founder, Tabitha's Beauty.
Tabitha’s Beauty is a Natural Skin and Hair Care Brand focused on creating solutions to skin and hair issues using natural ingredients. 
We have skin care products for ALL skin types and tone that are 100% safe, natural and specially formulated to treat skin issues ranging from acne to hyperpigmentation, giving you a healthy, glowing skin that you would be happy and confident in. 
Our hair products are also formulated for both NATURAL and RELAXED hair types and are very effective in treating hair problems like dandruff or hair to give you a healthy, full and longer hair. 
We believe that skincare and haircare is a JOURNEY and not a DESTINATION. 
Start your journey with Tabitha’s Beauty TODAY!